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The cost of LPG in Europe 2018

Autogas (LPG) price in Europe in November 2018

Estimated price of autogas (LPG) in Europe in November 2018.

Information is updated once a month. This information should be used for reference only.

LPG prices table in Europe

Average price in European countries on LPG and trends compared with the previous month.

Data in the table can be sorted in ascending/descending order by clicking on the column header. When you pointed cursor over the arrow (down) shows the change from the previous update.

Here you can see petrol price in Europe.

Country Adapter Stations Price
Albania Dish 121 0.51 EUR equal
Armenia Dish 10 0.34 EUR equal
Austria Acme, Dish 50 0.76 EUR up
Azerbaijan Dish 5 0.21 EUR up
Belarus Dish 273 0.33 EUR up
Belgium Acme 615 0.56 EUR down
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dish 109 0.44 EUR equal
Bulgaria Dish 3000 0.56 EUR equal
Croatia Dish 410 0.60 EUR down
Czech Republic Dish 1187 0.60 EUR up
Denmark Dish    
Estonia Dish 55 0.65 EUR equal
Finland Dish    
France Dish 1763 0.86 EUR equal
Georgia     0.53 EUR down
Germany Acme 7242 0.61 EUR equal
Great Britain Bayonet 1660 0.68 EUR down
Greece Dish 841 0.87 EUR equal
Hungary Dish 441 0.78 EUR up
Ireland Acme 60 0.66 EUR equal
Italy Dish 3367 0.71 EUR up
Latvia Dish 169 0.60 EUR up
Lithuania Dish 328 0.58 EUR down
Luxembourg Acme 27 0.53 EUR down
Macedonia Dish 84 0.58 EUR down
Moldova Dish 245 0.58 EUR up
Montenegro Dish 24 0.57 EUR down
Netherlands Bayonet 1945 0.90 EUR down
Norway Bayonet, Dish 109 0.77 EUR down
Poland Dish 6800 0.59 EUR up
Portugal Dish 356 0.70 EUR equal
Romania Dish 1158 0.57 EUR up
Russia Dish 4100 0.29 EUR up
Serbia Dish 564 0.73 EUR up
Slovakia Dish 546 0.61 EUR equal
Slovenia Dish 111 0.73 EUR equal
Spain Bayonet, Euronozzle 512 0.71 EUR up
Sweden Dish 23 0.88 EUR up
Switzerland Acme, Dish 47 0.79 EUR up
Turkey Dish 6853 0.62 EUR up
Ukraine Dish 1226 0.52 EUR up

View the price of autogas (LPG) in October 2018.

On the heat map below, you can clearly see the country in which the LPG is cheaper. Green means cheap gas, red is more expensive.

Average price on LPG in Europe

€ 0.62 % 0.00

The average price in Europe on LPG for the last month has not changed and now is € 0.62.

The highest price observed in the Netherlands. In this country the price is 55% more expensive than the European average.

The cheapest price is in Azerbaijan - 50% less than the European average.

The trend in gasoline prices

You can see below trend of average LPG prices for last two years.

You can select a range on the graph by selecting it by mouse or on/off graph clicked on its name below.

Type of LPG filling connector

There are four types of filling connectors in Europe. Different types of connectors are not compatible with each other. In this case you need adapter for refueling.

The type of filler varies from country to country and in some cases different types are used within the same country.

Type of LPG filling connector :
Adapter View Note
Dish LPG Dish Italian — the filler is inserted and latched in the "cup" of filling nozzle.
Acme LPG Acme Belgian — this type has a threaded fitting onto which the bowser nozzle is screwed before the trigger is pulled to establish a seal before fuel transfer.
Bayonet LPG Bayonet Dutch — this type has the form of a tube with two slots, which fits over the nipple and snapped.
Euronozzle LPG Euronozzle Euro

Map of LPG connectors in Europe

Map of LPG connectors in Europe


In Switzerland, near the border of Italy or France, you can find gas stations, which use the connector Dish.

In Spain you can find gas stations, which use the connector Euronozzle.

Keep in mind that required adapters may be not available at a gas station.

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