Toll roads. Traffic rules. Fuel prices.

Driving in Andorra

The total length of roadways is 269 km. Paved roads - 198 km and unpaved roads - 71 km.

There are no motorways in Andorra. There are two main roads out of Andorra la Vella are the CG-1 to the Spanish border, and the CG-2 to the French border via the Envalira Tunnel.

    Toll roads

    There are no toll roads in Andorra. However you’ll encounter toll Envalira Tunnel in Andorra.

    Toll rates Envalira Tunnel

    The Envalira Tunnel runs between Pas de la Casa, next to the French border, and the famous Grau Roig ski resort. The length of the tunnel is 2,879 meters. The lowest point of the tunnel is 2,043 meters and the highest is 2,054 meters. It is one of the highest tunnels in Europe.

    The Envalira tunnel has 2 lanes (one in each direction), and the speed limit is from 40 to 70 km/h.

    The Envalira tunnel in Andorra

    Tunnel location: Google Maps, Google Earth.

    Toll rates 2024:
    Toll rates Envalira Tunnel in Andorra
    2 or 3 wheeled vehicles (motorbikes, sidecars) € 4.70

    Light vehicles (vehicle + trailer) Up to 2 m height,
    Up to 3.500 kg
    Up to 3 € 7.80
    Medium-sized vehicles (vans, light vehicles + trailer) Between 2 and 3 m height,
    Up to 3.500 kg
    2 or more € 13.70
    Heavy vehicles and buses More than 3 m height,
    More than 3.500 kg
    2 € 15.70
    Heavy vehicles and buses More than 3 m height,
    More than 3.500 kg
    3 or more € 19.60

    For residents and workers in Pas de la Casa have a 50% discount on the standard rate.

    On the video you can see a trip through the Envalira tunnel (more video at our YouTube channel).

    Parking in Andorra

    It’s recommended to park in designated car parks or your hotel car park.

    You can park on the street, however be aware of local signage / restrictions as parking fines are readily issued and if you car is considered to be parked dangerously, it’ll be towed.

    All parking in Andorra la Vella is paid. Street parking is free on Sundays and public holidays only.

    Parking in Andorra

    Parking lots in Andorra are divided into two zones (zone 1 and 2). Zone 1 is marked in blue, and Zone 2 is green.

    Parking Rates in Andorra:
    Parking Rates in Andorra
      Blue zone Green zone
    Toll time Monday - Saturday

    09:00 - 13:00
    15:00 - 20:00
    Monday - Saturday

    09:00 - 13:00
    15:00 - 20:00
    Free Sunaday and National holidays Sunaday and National holidays
    Minimum time 15 minutes
    (€ 0.25)
    30 minutes
    (€ 0.25)
    Maximum time 2 h 30 min
    (€ 2.50)
    5 hours
    (€ 2.50)
    Price per hour € 1.00 € 0.50

    Violation of parking rules in blue or green areas - a fine of € 12.

    Parking at the bus stop, at the pedestrian crossing, on the sidewalk or at the parking lot for the disabled, without a corresponding permit - a fine of € 120.

    Map of Andorra roads

    Map of roads of Andorra

    Buy an Andorra Road Map on Amazon 

    Road rules in Andorra

    Speed limits

    Speed limits in Andorra

    Standard speed limits in Andorra (unless otherwise indicated on the signs).

    Cars (to 3.5 tons) and motorcycles:
    • built-up areas - 50 km/h
    • outside built-up areas - 90 km/h
    Cars (to 3.5 tons) with trailer:
    • built-up areas - 50 km/h
    • outside built-up areas - 90 km/h


    The maximum permitted level of alcohol in the bloodstream is 0.5 ‰.

    If the level of alcohol in the bloodstream exceeds the allowable, a fine will be imposed:

    • from 0.5 ‰ to 0.8 ‰ - € 400
    • above 0.8 ‰ - € 600 and suspend driving license for 2 months

    If the driver refuses to take a test for the presence of alcohol in the blood, a fine will be imposed € 800 and suspend driving license for 6 months.

    Driving under the influence of drugs faces a fine of € 600 and suspend driving license for 3 months.

    Dipped headlights

    Dipped headlights are not mandatory for daytime driving and are mandatory when driving at night. Dipped headlights should be switched on when visibility is poor due to bad weather conditions.

    For non-compliance - € 120.

    Children in cars

    Children under 10 and less than 1.5m tall cannot travel as a front or rear seat passenger unless using an appropriate child restraint.

    A child under 3 can not be transported in a vehicle without a child seat/restraint and the airbag must turned off.

    Child car seats must comply with UNECE Regulation No. 44 — «Uniform provisions concerning the approval of restraining devices for child occupants of power driven vehicles (‘child restraint systems’)».

    For non-compliance - € 400.

    Seat belts

    Seat belts is mandatory for both front and rear passengers.

    For non-compliance - € 200 for each unfastened passenger.

    Mobile phone

    The use of a mobile phone while driving is restricted to the use of a hands-free device.

    For non-compliance - € 300.

    During driving, it is forbidden to carry any device in the ear that can emit sound (talking, music, radio). Fine — € 120.

    Window Tinting

    It is forbidden to limit the visibility of the windshield and side windows of the car, reducing their transparency.

    The degree of light transmission of the glass must comply with UNECE Regulation No. 43 «Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of: Safety Glazing Materials and their Installation on Vehicles» — for windshield 75%, or side windows 70%.

    Fine - € 120.


    Police officers in Andorra have the right to levy fines on the spot and issue a receipt for the payment.

    Traffic fines in Andorra:
    Traffic fines in Andorra
    Violation Fine (EUR)
    Failing to give way to a bus € 60
    Driving below the speed limit for no good reason € 60
    Sudden decrease in speed or stop when the traffic situation does not require it € 60
    Unauthorized use of sound and light warning signals € 60
    Stop at a pedestrian crossing or intersection € 120
    Failure to signal before turning or changing lanes € 120
    Failure to comply with the appropriate speed limits depending on road and visibility conditions € 200
    Tailgating € 200
    Overtaking violation € 200
    Dangerous driving € 400
    Speeding Fines
    Speeding Fines in Andorra
    Violation Speed limit (km/h)
    to 10 km/h € 24
    11-20 km/h € 100 € 100
    21-30 km/h € 150 € 100
    31-40 km/h € 200 € 150
    41-50 km/h € 300 € 200
    51-60 km/h € 400 € 300
    above 60 km/h € 400 + 60 за каждые 10 km/h превышения

    Useful information

    Fuel prices

    1.46 1.49 1.43 at 27.05.2024

    There is leaded gasoline (98), unleaded gasoline (95 and 98), and diesel are available in Andorra. There are no gas stations (liquefied propane).

    It is not allowed to transport gasoline in cans.

    Average prices for all types of fuel at  2024-05-27:

    • S.P. 95 — € 1.461
    • S.P. 98 — € 1.491
    • Diesel — € 1.433

    Trends gasoline prices in Andorra for last years.

    Emergency phone numbers

    • European emergency number – 112
    • Fire – 118
    • Police – 110
    • Ambulance – 116

    Compulsory to carry in car

    • Spare bulbs
    • Warning triangle
    • Reflective jacket
    • Spare wheel with the necessary tools to replace it

    Driving without any required accessories - fine € 120.

    Winter equipment

    Winter tires

    The use of winter tires in Andorra is mandatory under appropriate weather conditions (the road is completely or partially covered with snow or ice).

    Police officers have the right to prohibit the movement of vehicles whose tires do not meet the winter road conditions, and they can be dangerous for other road users.

    If, under such conditions, the vehicle is not equipped with winter tires, then the offender will be fined € 500.

    Spiked tires

    The use of studded tires is permitted from November 1 to May 15 of each year. The use of studded tires at other times is punishable by a fine of € 60.

    Snow chains

    Snow chains should be used where road conditions so require or where an appropriate sign is installed. It is forbidden to use snow chains when there is no snow or ice on the road.

    Driving with snow chains when the road is clear of snow or ice - € 60.

    Optional equipment and other rules

    It is recommended that you have a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit in your car.

    Particular attention should be paid to the signs “Caution: Crosswalk” without traffic lights in cities and outside cities.

    It is recommended that night driving be avoided due to domestic and wild animals that often go onto dirt roads.